Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prodigal Me

Okay, so here I am. And yes, this is going to be a real post. You know, as opposed to my fake ones. Just to catch up, I started out NaNo month rather well- on the second week in November I only had about 15K words left (give or take 10K) until my book, The Fall, was completed. Well guess what...November came and went, and I still have 15K (give or take 10K) left. So yes, basically I failed.
Over the past 2 months I've also gained about 10 lbs.

Granted, I've had some pretty good excuses. Every Fall my husband's family flies from England in chunks (mother and boyfriend, father and step mother, sister and brother-in-law). This usually goes on until the beginning of December. This time it ended in the second week of November...but since then, honestly- I've just been recovering. When people are here I don't do anything but eat like I'm the one on vacation...and this is bad. Because typically they want American food. You know, like this.

Anyway, so that's really just an excuse...because I should be Practice Rooming. I should be finishing that dang book so I can start on the MG one...the one that's been shelved (in the virtual sense) for the past few months. This isn't easy, folks. I mean it was easy to get was easy to jump into it and get excited about it- but somehow, things happen and life changes and before you know it, you missed your deadline. You lose your motivation. Then you struggle to get it back again. Which is what I'm doing now. Which is why I'm writing this post.
I know I need to start blog surfing again. I know I need to be chatting with my critique partners, reading more, writing more. But I can't think of it as homework either. It's like I have to fall in love with my book again. Fall in love with writing again. Somehow, starting in September, I got derailed. Sidetracked. Somehow, when I was away, one of my favorite bloggers went on hiatus and I dropped out of The Practice Room and I lost touch with my writer peeps.

Basically, I need all of you back. Do I need to stand outside your houses with a boom box? Because I will...if you live on the East coast...and in North within walking distance to my house.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Writer Humor...and yes, I'm still alive!