Tuesday, January 12, 2010

17 visits....from me.

Well, today marks the second day of my support blog and it looks like I'm already supporting...myself. Yep, that ticker over there says there have been 17 visits and guess what- I'm pretty sure all of those 17 visits were from me. At least I haven't started talking to myself in 3rd person yet.
Please, if you happen to read this, humor me and leave a comment or something. Anything to know that this isn't a totally useless effort!
Today I woke up and took my daughter to preschool, my 16 month son in tow. Turns out I was so distracted that I ran my entire civic up onto the curve when trying to leave the parking lot. I leave such a great impression on the other parents.
Now I've just got home and I'm updating this blog because I know that if I leave it for even one little day, it will just fizzle. And even if no one does ever read this besides myself, I guess it can kind of become a therapy journal of some sort...ha!
(By the way I did manage to get off of the curve)...You know, for those of you (me) that are interested.
Well, today I plan on attempting to create traffic to my blog...I also plan on working on my next children's book and sending my manuscript out to at least one other publisher. How much of that will I get done?
Hopefully at least one of those things. I will let you (me) know either tonight or tomorrow how successful I've been.
Signing off.


Tammy said...

Hey Dena,

Just wanted to let you know someone's reading, and enjoying your blog. I just found it - but I'll be back!

Glad to see today was a good day.

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