Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi again!

Sorry I haven't posted since Friday- I actually got a weekend away with my husband this weekend! Feeling refreshed- and watching the Golden Globes on T.V. Unbelievable how trivial and pretentious it is but I just can't....look...away!!!
Anyway, I see that 3 of you have read the start of one of my short stories and you actually seemed to like it! I'm guessing the three of you who voted are all of my 3 followers! I'm very happy you stopped by again!
I wanted to know if it was worth continuing, so I thought I'd tease you with a little bit of it. If I can accumulate 2 more followers this week, I will continue to post more and more of it :-) It's not something I plan on trying to get published (as it's a short story), but I thought you guys might enjoy reading it whenever you get bored!
Does anyone have any more ideas about how to bring more traffic to a blog? If only I could hand out free burritos!
Anyway, I will post again tomorrow kiddies. Bring others you know to this site if you'd like to read more of my story! (Sad ploy, I know, but I'm desperate!)
Have a great night, talk to y'all tomorrow.


Tammy said...

Hi Dena,

Nice to hear you had a great weekend.

As far as building up a blog presence. Do you belong to any other writing forums like or ($)? Getting involved with forums on sites like those may bring in some hits, especially if you post a link in your signature.

Another thing you could do, is comment on other people's blogs, of course, not in a trolling/spammy kind of way, but if you can think of something pertinent to add to the conversation, other blog readers might just follow you home.

Just some thoughts.


DenaDaw said...

Thanks Tammy
I don't belong to those sites, but I will definitely have a look in a minute! So far I'm only involved in and I've listed my site with the search engines but that's as far as I've gotten!
That's a good idea about commenting too! Thanks for the input!
I'm off to take a look at now!


DenaDaw said...

Ack! It won't let me register for the verlakay forums :-(

Tammy said...

Try this link

DenaDaw said...

Thanks Tammy, I shot them an e-mail to register...

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