Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My regular underwear looks like a thong on me. Thanks, lovintheoven.com!

Good morning. After exploring my new favorite website (see below), I now have an entire plate of andes mint brownies in my kitchen. Don't judge me!! Hehe.
As a commenter said in my previous post..."enough writing, it's time to eat!" Thanks, Maureen! You were totally right!
Unfortunately, my thighs do not agree :-(

Anyways, back to relevant things. My little critique group has hit the ground running now. The first critique has been done and mine is next (dum dum DUUUUUM!)
Yes, that makes me nervous. I would think it would make any writer nervous!
Also, remember that short story I submitted to a contest the other day? Well, apparently I found out where I "placed" by Mid-February. I will let you guys know!

Plan for today- eat another brownie, maybe start writing down a new PB that has been floating around in my head- then find out what to do with my insane amount of turkey leftovers.


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