Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember my coffee break earlier? I took that time to finish the picture book I was working on the other day- entitled "Baby Dragon." It was the one that I was trying not to rhyme- but I did incorporate some rhyme in the end. Honestly, I couldn't help it.
Trying to find someone to critique it for me so I can revise it and maybe even begin the process of crafting a cover letter/query, etc.
Hopefully you guys can help me?


Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

Hi Dena. I've got a couple of websites you may be interested in having a look at re: critique groups.

1. Yalitchat online community for writers.

2. Agent Query. Critique partners wanted.

And finally, joining twitter may be a good idea too - if you haven't already.

Hope that helps :)

eecoburn said...

Hi, Dena. I am glad you are feeling encouraged! Coming to grips with the realities of how much work and time it takes to get published is a huge step in your eventual success! Perseverance is a huge virtue in this business. Congratulations on finishing your next manuscript! Keep them coming -- each will probably be better than the last. Have you joined SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)? They are a wonderful resource for aspiring writers. When you join, you get access to lots of resources on how to and who to submit to. I would also recommend going to one of their regional conferences. They usually have a thread of workshops geared for newbies to learn the ropes, and often you can pay (usually $25 or $30) to get a one on one critique session with an editor or agent. I have received some invaluable advice this way, and made some great connections. Writing is lonely work, and it is nice to meet other people who are doing it. Also, SCBWI has a place on its website to locate online critique groups. Verla Kay's Blueboards has a place for this, too. Finally, I will mention one other resource if you have not encountered it. The Idiots Guide to Writing Children's Books, by Harold Underdown, is an really great first book to read as you start your journey. It helped give me a great overview of what I needed to know and what I still had to learn. I look forward to seeing your work in print someday! :)

Sorry if I have loaded you with too much information. I just know what it is like to just be beginning this journey, and am eager to share the stuff that has helped me!

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