Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scared out of submission

So as I mentioned to you all in my last post, I start submitting Sally Circle this week. Well, maybe. I haven't done it yet. The idea of it freaks me out. Don't get me wrong, I have spent countless nights on this story. I've had it critiqued by about 10 people. I've revised it until it is what I consider to be perfect. I've also had my cover letter critiqued. But sending my baby out into the world after I've polished it...that's scary. Plus I'm giving myself time. I haven't read it in at least 4 days. I'm waiting a while so before I send it, I can revise it one more time with fresh eyes. Make sense? If there is one thing- no matter how tiny- at the last minute that bothers me, the submission process will again be delayed.
How ironic is this? Those that have been with me from the beginning know that I had no problem sending out a completely un-critiqued, unpolished copy of it at the end of December. I sent it out to about 5 publishing houses. I haven't heard back from one. I still think, in the back of my mind...wouldn't it be hilarious if, after all these revisions, someone actually wanted to publish the original?! Truly, I know that won't happen. But funny thought, anyway.
Anyways, I was totally new to the publishing process at the time and I had zero idea what I was doing. But the minute I had some online writer friends slap me upside the head, I have since given Sally about 25 different makeovers and now I'm afraid to debut her. Wow, have I gone in the opposite direction.
I will let you know when I do actually send a copy out. You know, when I get the nerve. In the meantime, I've got a few different picture book ideas floating around in my head. I've put up a poll with these ideas- and I want you to vote on your favorite.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Are you telling me that you purchased a big fancy dress, hired dressing room assistants, and got sally all gussied up to just deny her coming out to society? Well, Dena...good idea.

I like that you're letting it sit there and stew. You'll be so much more confident about it when you send it out based on belief, rather than hope.

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