Friday, February 05, 2010

Taking a break...

...from "Sally Circle" this weekend -and going back to it with fresh eyes on Monday. I think that's my main problem at the moment- I've gone through it so much that it's starting to not make sense anymore.
I had someone in my critique group critique it (who hadn't previously done so) and she had a wealth of information about how rhyme should go...which, basically, isn't how my rhyme goes. So I've spent yesterday and a large part of today reading about meter and rhythm, etc. Some of this stuff is pretty complex. What ever happened to simple, fun, and easy rhyme? Nope. It never existed. I guess I just made that up.
In any case, I'm taking a break and trying not to feel discouraged.
Thanks for reading!!!


Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

Hang in there, Dena!

There's no rhyme nor reason something is rejected. Nor is there a right or a wrong way to write. It is all personal perspective.

What you have however, is perseverance :)

eecoburn said...


Really, really good meter and rhyme looks and read like it is effortless, but it is really hard; I have heard over and over again from editors and agents at conferences that they don't like to get rhyming manuscripts, not because they don't sell or they don't think kids like it, but because 99.9% of it is really bad or, at best, just mediocre. But if they find a writer who can pull it off, they are really excited. Therefore, if you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, that is actually good, because it means you are reaching a new level with your writing and are about to break through. I also write rhyming, metered stories, and even though the technical stuff seems boring and uncreative, like you have been forced back into 9th grade Pre-Algebra class, if you take the time to master it, it really helps and actually makes you more confident in your creativity in time. Learning to scan a line will show you why a line doesn't work, and where it needs to be fixed. I xeroxed pages of the masters, like Seuss, Silverstein and Pretlusky, and took apart their meter and rhyme scheme to learn how they did it. There are several excellent websites that can help tutor you, as well. Look at Dori Chaconas' website for her page on writing in rhythm and rhyme ( Margo Finke's article on Harold Underdown's website ( They are really good. If you push through, your new version of Sally Circle will be worlds better than your old one. You can do it!

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