Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm going to post about....oh look, a pony!!!

First of all, I signed into blogger this morning and I was thrilled to see I now have 20 followers!! I'm ON MY WAY!!!!!! ( having 21)

In other news, I've never been one to like formulas of any kind...but recently I've noticed how scatter-brained my writing is, and I've finally connected the dots. If my writing is a reflection of myself, then my writing is spontaneous, scatter-brained, and all over the place.
Maybe formulas could be useful for me?

As a result, I've embarked on researching formulas for writing picture books. I've found several interesting websites in the process. Honestly, I don't know how it'll turn out but I'm willing to try. Also, a member of a critique group suggested this book, which I plan on purchasing asap.

You know what I love about writing adult short stories? I don't plan on getting them published. I don't have to worry about the content being "too mature." There are literally no rules and I don't have to pick out cutesy words. It's better than writing a novel, because there is barely any planning involved (if any). Half the time I'll just start writing without a clue about where it's going. It's like therapy for me.
Recently I've been writing children's short stories instead of picture books. I'm not sure why that's easier for me, but it is. I tend to want to write for an older audience and my stories always want to be around 1500 words or so. So, as I've said before, I'm dipping my feet into the world of children's magazines.

Anyway, make sure to check my blog tomorrow. I've got some EXCITING news to share!!!


Heather Kelly said...

That's wonderful about trying different types of writing. I need to branch out a bit. It probably makes one a better writer.

I wonder what exciting news you have?! ;)

Rena said...

Good luck and I hope you find writing picture books as much fun as I do! :)

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