Monday, March 08, 2010

Get me some socks. You internet friends better be good for something.

I need to write. I did write, the other day. But what came out was...sub-par. Generic. Not very good.
I haven't had any good ideas in the shower recently. And that's when I normally get them...I think because, in this life full of kids, it's the only place I can hear myself think.
I've decided not to submit Sally Circle again until all my rejections come in. I'm talking about the rejections from the first, unrevised version of it. I call it the 'stupid copy.' Anyway, once all the stupid copy rejections come in, I might take a shot at sending out my revised version. But honestly, the more time goes by, the more certain I am that even a revised version won't get published. Sorry if I sound like a party pooper. It sucks because I spent so long working on it- but it's not in vain. It might never get published, but that story made me a MUCH stronger writer and I cannot even tell you how much I learned about PB's, poetry, and critiques. Sally Circle is the reason I have a critique group. It's the reason I have this blog. It's the reason I joined SCBWI. Honestly, it's the reason I decided to actually take a chance on my writing. So, thanks Sally Circle.

In other news...
-My son slept in his big boy bed last night
-My kids just dumped chocolate krispies all over the floor
-It's supposed to be like 67 degrees today!
-My feet are freezing but I'm too lazy to get my fat butt upstairs and get socks
-I've run out of diapers which requires me to get my fat butt upstairs and get some socks
-I've got a lot of non-news that I could continue to share with you, but I'm afraid you'll stop reading my blog.

That's all.


Kelly@ JustWrite said...

It's true for me first book, forever shelved, has done so much for me as a writer. As technically horrible as it was, I will be forever grateful.

And we'd never stop reading your blog!

Heather Kelly said...

Dena, I love the term 'stupid copy'. I'm hoping that my current ms doesn't qualify for that. I have 1 of those in the drawer. I'm hoping not to keep adding to that number. But, publishing is a fickle industry!

Congrats for your son! My middle son didn't use a diaper last night. (And stayed dry!) Woo hoo. I won't tell you how old he is. My youngest has been dry at night for a year now.

I need some freakin' socks on my feet right now too, but someone would actually have to go wash them first. That may be above and beyond the duty of internet friends. I have a weirdly small number of pairs of socks.

I think it's supposed to be warm here too, but I don't think that warm! (I have no idea where you live.)

I like the non-news. Glimpses into real life...

DenaDaw said...

I nominate Jon to wash your feet.
I have a small # of socks too...the sock demon gets them. YAY for getting kids out of diapers. I'm guessing I've still got another year left. Thanks for reading my randomness! I've got a present for you, I'm heading over to your blog now.

DenaDaw said...

aw, thanks Kelly! I hope you keep reading!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

I need socks too! But it is not that warm here.

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Um, I love socks and have a million pairs. And they are all knee high and interesting. That's non news too.

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