Monday, April 05, 2010

Back and armed with pictures

So this weekend I...

ate a lot of peeps. Well, when little man wasn't downing them like a crazed starving child.

-We had an egg hunt, which, I'm happy to report, gave me TONS of PB ideas!!

-We saw an airplane...and we (well, the one pictured below) stared at it with child-like wonder.

-I think I might have finished Chasing the Alphabet, cover letter included! Yay! (No pic for this news, unfortunately)

So...what did YOU do this weekend?


Jonathon Arntson said...


Anita said...

Oldest Daughter needed her eyes checked and her hair cut...the hair cut took like eight hours, but she smiled when she was done, so it was worth it. I spent a lot of time praying, because I'm Catholic and this a big time for us. I ate A LOT...burritos and chile (yum), and pumpkin pie. Did you know the nation is experiencing a pumpkin shortage? We were all VERY sad, because we thought Husband couldn't make his famous pie. and then he walked in my office with about 24 cans of pumpkin (found them at a hole in the wall organic store) and said, "Who's your pumpkin daddy?"

Bish Denham said...

Sweet pictures!

We vegged out here and generally had a very nice quiet time.

Dena Daw said...

LOL at "Who's your pumpkin Daddy!"

Rena said...

Great pictures. Looks like it was a fun weekend. I love how the egg hunt gave you PB ideas. I'm that way with the wildlife around my house. There's always something going on.

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