Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Man...lots of gators."

Unfortunately, I don't have much to report but I miss you guys so I'm just saying hi. Not much is going on with me, writing-wise. Still in the process of submitting Sally Circle...other than that, I haven't really done much writing recently. I've been doing some PB critiques for my critique group but that's about it. It's weird, it's like I'm in submission-limbo. Not much else is going on.

My little man is supposed to have his surgery next case you don't remember, he's tongue-tied!
My brother and sis-in-law are supposed to be visiting next Tuesday...I'm planning on staying in town for Easter. Maybe I'll get some writing done then! We'll see. much random crap can I spew out before this blog post is over...
oh, here we go.

-Last night I had this crazy awesome dream that would be PERFECT for a short story/novel so I wrote it down on the back of an index card at like 3 am. This morning I woke up and eagerly grabbed at the index card, excited to remember what my soon to be NYT best selling idea was. It read:

"Man...lots of gators, go lie...funny but ends up his wife."

Oh yes, Dena. That makes for an AWESOME story.

Has anyone else gotten up in a dreamlike state and written out a buttload of randomness on a sheet of paper- completely convinced that this was THE BEST idea ever and that if you don't write it down, the SHEER CREATIVE BRILLIANCE of said idea would be forgotten?

Please tell me I'm not the only one.


ElegantSnobbery said...

OMG, I want to read that story!!! Hahaha, hilarious. And catchy! I think there will be bumper stickers someday, declaring: Man... lots of gators,go lie... funny but ends up his wife.

I can see it now!

Good luck with your son's surgery!! Positive vibes will be sent your way!

Jonathon Arntson said...

Honey, every damn minute of my life is spent chasing a shiny new idea. Far too many of them are caught. I should really get a smaller net.

Jonathon Arntson said...

BTW, love the new blog title! Way to create a brand.

Ann Marie Wraight said...

Hi DENA and Gorgeous Little Man!

Actually, I'm a wee bit embarassed,..but some of my fantastically amazing ideas have occured'm ...using the ABLUTIONS in the morning and sometimes at night....oops...I just realised I used the word 'wee' up above - unintentional - HONEST!

Morning GANG!! Not had your morning coffee yet huh? X

Kris said...

Just completely in awe that Ann Marie used the word "ablutions" in a sentence. Love the gators, Dena!

Janet said...

Hi Dena, I just found your site. I also write picture books. None are published yet, but I'll keep trying. I woke up one morning with an idea, I got my little notebook by the bed and started writing. It turned out to be a short story. Now I don't usually write short stories, but I continued to edit and add to this one and it actually turned out okay. I know if I don't write down ideas when they come to me that I will forget them, so I write them down no matter how stupid they may seem at the time.

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