Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hopeful things

This week I'm hoping...

-That my husband will fix the curtain rod so our valance no longer tips to one side (wink wink, nudge nudge)
-That I will actually hear something good from a publisher regarding one of my picture books.
-That my husband will get a promotion sooner rather than later.
-That I'll be able to clean upstairs sometime today without falling and getting lost forever in a mound of laundry.
-That my son won't crap on the floor again.
-That my son will figure out how to make the S, K, and J and L sounds so I can understand what he's saying.
-That it won't rain all day.
-That my daughter will stop hurting herself every 5 minutes.
-That I'll lose at least 5 more lbs before the beach in September.

And a lot more.
What are you hoping for this week?


Jonathon Arntson said...


Tracy Edward Wymer said...

If three of your hopes come true, consider it a good week.

Dena Daw said...

ha! Tracy is ONE of my dreams comes true, I'll consider it a good week!

And jon- good goal :-)

Heather Kelly said...

I second Jon's. Laundry put away. Kids actually doing their chores. I third Jon's.

Alleged Author said...

Whoa! Your son crapped on the floor?! I really hope you hear something amazing from a publisher!

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