Friday, January 21, 2011

London Bound

In 10 days I'm leaving for London and I'll be gone for two weeks. I just wanted to give you all a heads up, in case you are tempted to start another Bring Back Dena Daw Day.
While some of you know why I'm going, I guess not all of you do. So I'll fill you in. My husband is from England and I met him when I was fifteen through a pen pal service. That's right. The worst kind of geekiness. To make a long story short, we spoke for years, via letters, the phone, e-mails, aim (yes, back when people used it). In 2000 I went and met him for the first time in London. Not to sound cheesy (but I'm about to hit you with some serious cheesiness), I fell in love with him on sight. Not to mention his accent. THE ACCENT. The panty-dropping accent that my parents should have (and did) fear. Ah, young love. And hormones. And fish and chips. I was in Heaven.
And this girl right here:
Had her first kiss on the tube in England. And no, I haven't changed much since then. Well, not since that last picture that had to be scanned in. You know, because digital cameras were only owned by rich people back then.
Anyhow, I'm getting off topic.
After he graduated from Exeter University, he moved to South Carolina because that's where I was going to college. Six months later, we were engaged. A year and a half later, and 6 days after graduation, we were married. So a lot has happened since then. Not to mention two kids, moving to another state, and purchasing a house. But, despite all that's happened, I'll always remember him like this:

The young English boy with the amazing accent who always smelled like leather, beer, and Radox.

This post is dedicated to you, Rich!!!

Look how far we've come???
And no one thought it would last.

*Sorry Rich, I had to post the picture with the crazy eyes. Because it's just the icing on the cake, really. And by the way, I'm not really sorry.

So obviously, England has a special place in my heart. It's also where Richard's entire family still lives. And where his parents and grandfather we're off to visit them. I will miss you guys (in ten days...remember, I'm leaving in 10 days so you still have me for a little don't have to cling to my virtual legs, people)...
Anyhow, there's my story.
What's yours?


Jonathon Arntson said...

If Paul McCartney and Elvis had a baby, it'd be Rich.

Cherry-o and have a lovely time!

AlyGatr said...

Jealous! I wish I were going to London. I keep telling my hubby he needs to learn to talk with a British accent. He came with a southern one that had worn off and was only charming (to a girl from Hawaii) for about five minutes. Better yet, I want to move to England so my kids will talk like Charlie and Lola. My daughter can already do the accent. It's pretty darn cute! HAVE FUN!!

Richard said...

A few things:
@Dena - I love you too my sweet bear <3
@The picture you posted - that was way back when I only had one chin!
@Jon - You just wrote my next FB status
@AlyGatr - Charlie and Lola are Dena's I guess my kids will talk like Charlie and Lola
@All - Thanks for getting Dena motivated to get writing (so that I can retire early)


Alleged Author said...

Have a wonderful time! So glad you are back to blogging!

S.I.F. said...

OK, that is like the sweetest love story I have ever heard! I love it!!

Have a blast lady! I am totally jealous of this travel time you're getting!!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Oh, forgot to comment. Sorry. I was going to say something about clinging to your virtual legs but it prob made no sense. Blog about your trip why don't you. And so cool that Rich responds to commenters! Alas, I can't tell if he has an accent.

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