Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good morning!

Rise and shine, everybody! Well at least to those of us who live on the east coast. I'm about to take my daughter to preschool again, let's hope it's not as eventful as last time. On my agenda today: re-write my cover letter and re-format my manuscript. The manuscript won't be hard at all, it's almost perfect as-is. But I'm pretty sure (from what I've read) that I say way to much in my cover letter AND my queries. Not that I'm surprised, I'm always spouting out random crap everywhere without thinking. In other words, I'm a self-professed loud mouth. Blah blah blah, here I go again. I can't even make it stop when I'm typing. Now I'm talking about being a loud mouth.
Anyway, onto other things. I made another new friend on Jacketflap and she pointed me to her website (which, I'm sad to say, makes this one look pretty bleak)- but the great news is, it's FULL of advice/tips for writers. That's where I found all the information that is making me do some re-writing/formatting. Her name is Wendy, and her website is
Enjoy! (And please come back!)


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