Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No time

I haven't been writing much lately because, honestly, I just don't have the time. As much a I want to be a great writer, I'd much rather be a great mom to my kids. Trust me, it's tempting to just go put my son down for a nap and put my daughter in front of a t.v. all day so I can write, but I just can't do that to them.
How do people have time to write/revise/get critiques/research the market/writer queries/revise, etc. All the things that are required in order to have a shot at getting published? It's like I wish I could just take my computer and go spend a few days in a cabin or something in perfect solitude so I could get to work, but that wouldn't do any good...I know in the end I'd just be sleeping because having a 3 year old and a 1 year old is exhausting.
After doing my research, I can see that "Sally Circle" just doesn't fit in the picture book category- but then again, it doesn't "fit" anywhere. Crap. Oh well.
The problem I'm having with writing picture books is- how do you end it? Picture books, from what I've read, shouldn't teach a lesson or have a moral (like Sally Circle) how do I end them? Agh. Right now I'm writing a PB about a little girl who believes her brother is a baby dragon...but the problem I'm having is where do I go with it? Does it need a resolution?!

Okay that's my rant for the moment- got to go bathe the kids before I start dinner.


eecoburn said...


I am travelling the same learing curve you are on the road to getting published. I just want to encourage you to give yourself time to learn, improve and succeed. We wouldn't expect to break into any other career without training, failure, and gradual improvement and success. There are some fantastic resources out there -- one place to look for some great advice on PB's is editor Cheryl Klein's talk "Making a Picture Book Cookie," available on her website: Read as many resources, and as many picture books, as you can. You are in a great place to do that sort of research with your little ones. I struggle with the same issues of time -- I have a six, a four and a two year old. I figure this is a great time to study my audience, to read as many kid's books as I can, and steal whatever time I can to write, hoping that I can get through a lot of the apprenticeship and rejection while my kids are little, so that when I finally have the opportunity to devote lots of time to writing, I will be ready! My husband helps me get writing time once or twice a month. He watches the kids, I go to a coffee shop for six hours and write all I can. That may not work for you but get creative and be patient. Time will open up as the kids get a bit older. This is such an intense period of parenting! Go, Dena, go!

DenaDaw said...

Thank you SO much for this response! I am really going to take what you said to heart- what an awesome way of looking at it! You're right, better for me to experiment now and deal with rejections and then be really ready to do it once the kids are in school!
I'm so happy you visited my site and I hope you come back. I really do feel better after reading this.
I truly hope that you get everything you dream of as well!

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