Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Hi guys

Well, to date I've had "Sally Circle" critiqued by 5 people and now I'm having people tell me they think it's perfect...does that mean it is? I've revised the hell out of it and I'm ready to be done! I also think it's about 100 x better than it was before. Now on to get my cover letter critiqued I suppose.
Tonight I'm going to go out and buy the new edition of the Writer's and Illustrator's Market. I have an old one (like 2006- yep, obviously no good).
I think I'll spend tonight highlighting all the places that would be a perfect match for my manuscript.
The thing is, I sent my original out to 6 publishers and I'm getting so anxious that I have already exhausted all my possible "perfect matches." I just hope there are a lot of good publishers (that accept unsolicted ms) out there that are a perfect match. I'm becoming paranoid because I'm so close. But, even in the worse case scenario, I can always just keep writing and try re-submitting the new and improved "Sally Circle" to those same publishers in a year or so (or more). Crap. Again, this is what this blog is for. Learn from my mistakes.
When you think your manuscript is probably isn't. Not yet, anyway.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Dena - GOOD LUCK! You know I love it!

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