Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In his great mercy and unfailing love, Jonathon has seen fit to nominate me for the "Creative writer blogger" award. Yes, I know I have 13 followers and I get on average about 1-2 comments a day on my posts (one of which is almost always from me). But that's not important right now.

The important thing is that I have been graced with an award that I choose to believe is the greatest, most sought after award the internet blogging community has to offer.

Here are the rules to this award:

-Thank the person who gave you this award and link them. Thank you, Jonathon.
- Add the award to your blog.
-Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth.

1) I also dated Mar'quinn. What a cheating bastard!
2) I wasn't potty trained until I was 16.
3) I scoff at dairy queen.
4) I can shoot pennies out of my fat rolls.
5) I have a legion of squirrels at my disposal.
6) I used to be a doctor that looked at people's insides and said "hmmm. Interesting..."

-Nominate six creative writers and link them:

1) Pauline Thomas. She has actually given me the "Honest Scrap" award which I am going to post tonight. She is actually getting PUBLISHED, so everyone give her a visit and support her on her quest to eat something other than Valutime cheddar cheese.

2) Melissa Lind. One of my PB critique partners. Girl has done everything you can think of. Seriously. Go to her site if you don't believe me. She can probably get out of a prison with a tic tac. Macgyver style. She's a amazing writer and illustrator. Technically, she's not a blogger. But this is MY award and I can give it to whoever I WANT! bwahaha. Plus, I have limited people to choose from ...but obviously, don't let that take away from the experience of being nominated!

3) Wendy. Yet another blogger on a quest to become published. She's been with me since the birth of my blog.

4) Michelle. I am in the process of critiquing a PB for Michelle. I'm impressed with her "sticktoitiveness."

5) Tina Laurel Lee. She's a fellow writer who's been following my blog for some time now. Not only that, but she actually offered to pick up my child.

6) Heather Kelly. I've been following her blog thanks to Jonathon. She probably has no idea who I am because I've been cyber stalking her ever since reading her interview with Jonathon. This award will decidedly freak her out.

-Let your nominees know they've been nominated.
(Working on this)


Tina Laurel Lee said...

Ha! Thanks so much! I will cherish it always(the award I mean!).

Jonathon Arntson said...

Haha, I love it. Heather will too, Tina's the conspiracy theorizer of our group, so you're safe from Heather's wrath. Just don't ridicule yourself, she'll be all up in yo grill.

michelle said...

Wow thanks so much Dena! I havent won an award since I finished school, woohoo! I feel so honored!

Heather Kelly said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks Dena! And, I'm totally not freaked out--thanks for lurking. And, I'm a follower here, so you haven't been the only one lurking... Thanks for the awesome award. I really appreciate it!

melissa lind said...

I was so excited when I got your email, but my internet wouldn't let me check anything but gmail. So I hopped on a snowmobile with my two cats and then drove two hours to civilization where the internet is more reliable. It was totally worth it! You're the best. Now I'll have to start a blog.

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