Friday, February 12, 2010

Sally Goodyear

It's happened. Children's literature has now invaded my dreams. I actually dreamed last night that an agent from Andrea Brown (you know, where I was rejected) tracked me down at a bookstore of all places, where they asked me if they could make my poem into a jingle for a toothpaste ad. Luckily, I stayed true to myself, and only allowed them to use it for tire sales.

Do any of you other writers ever feel like you're becoming completely absorbed by all of this? The other night my husband asked me if I was going to write (the kids had gone to bed) and I said, "Oh, no I'll take a break tonight. I'm just going to check something."

Boom. 4 hours later I got off the computer and my husband had gone to bed. To me, it was like no time had past. It flew by. I looked at the clock and I couldn't believe it. Luckily, my husband is extremely supportive and he just let me do it since I have literally no time during the day.
The thing is, I can't open up my document unless I'm prepared to work on it...and once I get working on it, I need time to work on it. Which basically eliminates all hours of the day, unless the kids are napping. Night time is the only chance I get- unfortunately, I'm not a night person. Go figure.


Jonathon Arntson said...

I feel like a sponge that is bloated and dirty and beyond reusing - having absorbed way too much of the writing world.

Anonymous said...

The toothpaste ad is probably from a scene in the flight of the conchords...sounds like you are dreaming of Bret Makenxie again :)
Dena is very cute when she's working on rhyming patterns...bounding in her chair with the beat :) - hubabub

DenaDaw said...

careful with the comments "hubabub"...
and since when did you comment on my blog?!

Anonymous said... was nice while it get back to writing! - hulabaloo

Alleged Author said...

I actually start to see the world like the characters in my ms. It's quite odd. Glad to hear your ms is finished!!!

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