Sunday, March 28, 2010


Please join me next time and maybe you can be the one to take me down! (evil smiley face)

This morning I mopped the kitchen. Changed my son's diaper twice. Made pancakes for my entire family. Watched "The Princess and the Frog" with my daughter and did the dishes. Now my daughter and husband are off to church while I get a much needed break with my little boy.

I'm tempted to do some writing while they're gone...but how can I ignore this???


Ann Marie Wraight said...

Helloooo! Guess who is here in record time WITHOUT a glass of ouzo on the rocks! Yep, the nutty lady with the faulty keyboard!
Now that is one cutey! Congratulations on such an excellent gene pool.
Don't be SOOO boastful about winning the W.I.B.I.J competition...(green envious colour appearing in my's just withdrawal symptons from lack of alcoholic beverages...)
Well, you know Dena, we're all good at'm a FAB toilet cleaner and sheep milker (don't ask)
Wow - you only changed your son's diaper twice?? Well go and feed him then-have you got him on starvation rations or something?
Only kidding - enjoy the rest of the day with your gorgeos family. I'm with my 2 on the laptop and the boys are watching Harry Potter...again!

Dena Daw said...

What's up my ouzo lovin' friend?? You are my first commenter on today's post- surely that deserves another glass of ouzo!! ;-)

And trust me, I'd only changed his diaper twice by 10 am...unfortunately there were a lot more changes after this blog post was put up! Thanks for the compliments on my sweet boy!!
How old are your kids?
And yes, I have to ask about a sheep milker. Where does one acquire such a skill??

S.I.F. said...

He's such a muchkin! I just love his little cheeks!

Ann Marie Wraight said...

YEP - ouzo free my friend...have lessons the next few days...
I'll send you a personal email about the sheep milking's a bit embarrassing and NOT for general human consumption. I'll just tweak your interest by saying it has something to do with a) me breast feeding my boys and having to use a breast pump at one stage (any guys reading this should go direct to the sports page now)(b) having a small farm here in Greece we kept around 10 sheep and well, one thing led to another...
My boys are 8 yr old Matthew, 10 yr old Peter and 41 yr old Georgios who's the biggest handful of all!
Have you guys joined Inkwell yet? Dena????
I have to say again your boy's a winner!

Dena Daw said...

Wow!! That really does sound like an interesting and slightly disturbing story! So how did you end up in Greece? I'm guessing by your spelling, etc that you're from the U.K.? How did you meet your husband?
GEORGIOS! What an awesome name! It doesn't sound like a Georgios would have a Matthew and Peter LOL! Love the names though!
I haven't joined inkwell yet, I'm such a slacker!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

He is darling and the goat milking story does sound interesting and someone has got to challenge you in WIBIJ! You are a fantastic player and a great promoter. Thank you. Thank you!!

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