Monday, March 29, 2010

New blog title!

Thanks to Pauline, who came up with this new blog title for me! Yes, it is HER brainchild!
I decided it needed to be changed, considering now I've been paid for my writing...I guess technically I am now a 'published author.' But to all those who loved my original title, as you can see I have managed to keep that title in there as well!


Here is some (non) news before I sign off.

-I got up way too early and it's raining outside. Ugh.
-I think my son might be slightly tongue tied so I'm off to argue with my pediatrician about it :-/
-I've got a "play group" today....yeah, I know.
-I'm currently living off of the bare minimum in my pantry until the end of the month. Last night I made some sort of mexican creation with left over chicken, beans and tortillas. Man am I regretting it now.
-I cut Ariel's hair at the request of my daughter (she was actually begging) and now she's crying about it. Figures.

More non-news later.


Laura Pauling said...

I like the new blog title. Sounds like a movie title. :)

Heather Kelly said...

Nice stuff going on here. I really do like the new name, and that you kept the old. Change is HARD!

I'm kinda glad that I'm all done with the play group scene. Don't get me wrong--sometimes play groups are life lines. But some times they are catty women bragging about their perfect kids. When did having a perfect kid become an advisable goal? I never liked perfect kids when I was a kid--and I never, ever want to have one. :)

Sorry about the Hair Debacle. My daughter frequently freaks out when mommy can't actually read her mind. Life is tough with little ones. And the little things are soooo big!

Heather Kelly said...

PS--let me know how the tongue-tied thing turns out. My daughter was in early intervention for not speaking when she was 18 months. Turned out that she was CHOOSING not to speak. She's all caught up, and we all realized how stubborn she actually is :).

Ann Marie Wraight said...

Why is it that YOUR kids sound normal and mine are ....Heather...rambunctious. Don't worry about your angel Dena...some kids start waffling from an early age and then JUST NEVER SHUT UP. Pointing at myself here girls.
Anyway, Matthew split his head open last night and we rushed him to the hospital for a couple of stitches...I had to wake him every 2 hrs to check his pupils weren't doing nasty things...and I said that I wouldn't drink this week..
Love the new name Dena! Suits you. YASOO HEATHER! X

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Love the new name! The hair thing is so familiar. My daughter frequently begs for hair cutting. I keep trying to tell her you only have so much hair!! Good luck. By tongue tied do mean the thingy under his tongue is short? With kids there is always something to worry about.

Ann Marie! What a harrowing night! And without drinking too. That sounds horrible.

Dena Daw said...

Hey guys!
Thanks for the encouragement! Turns out my little dude really IS tongue tied- he's been saying lots of words, but I'd noticed he only said words that you use your lips with or the back of your throat- ex. words beginning with b, m, g, and c mainly. They looked at his tongue and sure enough he can't lift it to touch the roof of his mouth and he can barely stick it out! (Tina- tongue tied basically means that the little piece of skin that attaches the tongue to the bottom of your throat is unusually short). My gut told me that is what it was- we'd been told in the hospital after he was born that he looked tongue tied and it runs in families (my uncle had to have his tongue clipped.)
Anyhow- we're sorting it out so he'll be saying his D's and L's and N's and all that soon enough!
I'm glad you guys like the blog title!

Dena Daw said...

I meant bottom of your mouth, not throat, btw!

Alleged Author said...

Woo hoo! I like that one too!

Kris said...

I'll chime in -- I like the new title too! I do like the connotation of a journey, though. Glad you combined it!

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