Thursday, March 04, 2010


my parents just left town, so I thought I'd fill you in on the past few days:
I have...

-celebrated my daughter's birthday
-celebrated my dad's birthday
-managed to do one PB critique
-put up a "Blog Post"
-taken my daughter to the doc for a double ear infection
-taken my son to the doc for a foot problem
-stayed awake for the past 3 days because my son got a cold...
-because my daughter had a cold...
-who gave it to my dad, who...
-Gave it to me.

Oh yeah, and I also received a rejection in the mail from Boyd's Mill Press on the original "Sally Circle." Can't say I'm surprised, but I still hate it when that happens. Crap on a stick.
Anyway, now I'm off to...
-publish this blog post
-try to put my sick son down for a nap
-possibly do another PB critique
-pick up my daughter from preschool
-clean up the house
-eat left over cake
-feel bad about eating the leftover cake
-thaw out meat.

Oh, how exhilarating my days are. When I find time to actually write again, I'll let y'all know.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Neato! I am honored to be the first on your list of critiques-to-be-completed!

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Your day sounds sooo much like mine! Exhausting, right?

Alleged Author said...

Mmmm...cake! I could really go for some cake right now. Sadly, I will have to settle for peach baby food. Don't ask. :)

michelle said...

Until recently I honestly thought that *real* writers sat at a desk and wrote -ALL DAY. I knew I would never have time to do that, therefore I could never be a real writer. Sometimes its AWESOME to be wrong!

Rena said...

Sorry about the rejection. I know how that feels. Just keep trying! Cake sounds good. :)

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