Monday, April 19, 2010

The joys of critique groups

It's amazing to me how much critiques change a work for the better. A member of my critique group has been tirelessly working on a PB for months and months now, and she keeps revising- and each time she sends a new copy it blows my mind how improved it is. Amazing, right? That's why everyone should join a critique group. There cannot be anything better, as long as the people in the group are dedicated to improving your work and their own. Which brings me to another point.

I believe as a writer you have to have incredibly tough skin. Nothing is scarier to me than when someone picks up what I've written and reads it for the first time. It's unbelievably hard for me to sit through. I literally squirm . I don't feel like this the second or third time, only the first. I think that's another reason for my critique group is so special to me. No one but my husband knew I wrote for years. Now I can name 5 other people that not only know I write, but are appreciative of it and help me writer better.

If any of you guys are not in a critique group, JOIN ONE. I seriously wish I could add more people to mine. But then I know it would be overwhelming. Recently I've been getting a lot of "can I be in your critique group, pretty please?" emails and it's sooooo hard to tell them no. But obviously, critique groups can only get so large before they get unproductive.

If you haven't joined one yet, let me know. I have a list of e-mails from people who are looking for partners.

That's it, guys. I'll write a fun post later!


Christine Danek said...

I love my CPs. They are the best and will tell me when something is not right. They will also tell me when something is good. WE cheer each other on and support each other in the down times. You are right a tough skin is required and it is easier to handle with great CPs.

Kris said...

So glad you have great CPs Dena. I love my group as well - we've been together about a year. My ms would not be finished, let alone as good, without their support. Whoo-hoo for Critique Partners!

Jonathon Arntson said...

I hate critique groups. ;P

Bish Denham said...

I haven't been able to find one yet that has worked for me.

Janet said...

I love critique groups! They are soooo helpful. I belong to one but everyone seems to have lost interest and only two of us have been meeting since the beginning of the year :(

Anita said...

I like that you're putting a list together...what a nice service for your fellow writers. Thanks on behalf of all of us (I have a "group" and love it)!

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